Mediocre AB is the Apple Design Award wining team behind the huge smart phone hit "Smash Hit" which was included by Apple in the App Store Best of 2014! Mediocre have also crafted successful unique games like "Does not Commute", "Granny Smith" and the "Sprinkle" series. 

Casen Crowd has helped Mediocre with their social media and PR during May 2014-August 2015. This included posting high quality content to their Facebook- and Twitter-pages, community management, arranging events for their players, moderating the company's web page and more.  


Sweden Game Arena is the hub of Swedish game start-ups, education and research and are expanding rapidly. Talented individuals and experienced developers from all over Sweden flock here to study, build careers in both companies and academia.

Casen Crowd was invited as a speaker on the Swedish Game Conference 2015, talking about marketing and PR, as well as at the Microsoft Game Camp.


Game City is a newly founded games industry organization that is working to develop and maintain southern Sweden as Europe’s leading region in the development of digital games.

Crew from Casen Crowd was hired to work on the research, conduct interviews with video game companies and provide writing for the first annual Game City report. The work was done together with REGN Consulting.

Casen Crowd is currently working with the video game department at Ädelfors folkhögskola to improve the education. 


NetPort Science Park is a Triple Helix organisation, aiming to increase cooperation between business, university and public sector in order to facilitate sustainable economic growth and development in and around the city of Karlshamn. 

Casen Crowd did the project planning for the brand new digital festival "Creative Coast" between December -14 and March -15. 

blast door template.png

Blast Door Interactive  is an indie game company based in Sweden. They’re currently developing games for the iPhone and iPad, but also for the PC and Mac market.

Casen Crowd has helped Blast Door with game design for an unannounced project, as well as general advising around game data.

Swedish Games Industry is a partnership organization that represents the industry in the public. The organization consists of the trade organizations Spelplan-ASGD (developers and producers) and ANGI (publishers and distributors).

Casen Crowd has done the research and data collection for 2015's annual report on how the Swedish video games industry is doing. The report is downloadable and free (in Swedish) HERE.


Currently over 500 students study computer game development at the University of Skövde, and statistics show that it is the largest and most popular academic education concerned with computer games in Sweden.

Casen Crowd has given lectures in metrics guided game design for the students and teachers.

Planeto is the creators behind one of the top selling mobile quiz games of all time: Illustrated Science Quiz Battle 2! This small studio hailing from Malmö creates quiz games of various sorts. 

Casen Crowd is helping Planeto with  project management for an unannounced quiz game and data analyzing for titles such as Quiz Battle 2, Quiz Battle Tango and Quiz Battle History. 

The mission of the Nordic Game Community is to sustain and share the Nordic games industry’s success by providing a cooperative platform for community engagement, as well as the latest news from the games industry in the Nordic region.

Casen Crowd helped plan, organize and execute an art event at NGC15, together with Wacom.


Ultimate FPS by VisionPunk is one of the top selling assets in the Unity Asset Store. UFPS is helping thousands of game developers around the world to create their own games together with Unity. 

Casen Crowd has helped VisionPunk to moderate the UFPS forum, resolve support cases and communicate with game developers.