Time flies! It's now almost two years since I founded my very first company: Casen Crowd! It's been quite the ride, ups and downs, but mostly ups! When I started this whole adventure people told me running your own company will undoubtedly be one of the greatest learning experiences of your career. This is absolutely true! I have learned so, so much, worked with many awesome people and teams. I have learned anything from designing logos, doing newsletters, web pages, mobile game advertising, researching the Swedish games industry, creating invoices and negotiating contracts. Not to mention all the community management and social media! When you're a small company you pretty much need to learn everything about your business, not only your core services. 

I'm so grateful and happy for everything I've learned! As it turns out the past two years will function as a good foundation for my next exciting adventure: running the games studio Midnight Hub and making sure our new game Lake Ridden will be the best game possible!

From now on Casen Crowd will enter hibernation mode. All my time and resources are going to be dedicated to Midnight Hub. Once again, big thanks to all clients, teams and friends I've met during Casen Crowd! See you again in the future, perhaps :)

- Sara

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