Casen Crowd is finally live! This is a project that has been in the works ever since April of 2014, and we're so happy to finally have launched! Our mission with Casen Crowd is to help small and middle sized video game companies grow and foster a healthy community around their companies and games. All too often stuff like community management or social media is denied the very important attention it deserves. Sometimes it's almost like a developer on the team (usually a designer) agrees to "sacrifice" themselves and conduct the day to day community management, while still doing game design. Imagine if someone on the team "scarified" themselves to do the coding! If you want great results you need to have people who are passionate about the job.

This blog page will serve as a place where you can keep up to date with what's going at Casen Crowd, but we will also curate and post the best community management, social media and marketing tips from all around the web. 

With this said, please take a look around our page and hit us up on contact@casencrowd(dot)com if you have any feedback, questions or are curios about our services!




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