Professional Community Management for the Games Industry


Casen Crowd is a community management company who specializes in the social side of the video games industry. It's our goal to build and manage relationships with your players so you have time to create engaging games.


Social media, PR and community management can be very time consuming and keep game developers from doing actual game development. Casen Crowd uses a mix of scientific and experienced based methods to keep your players informed through personalized responses. We use these methods on all social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums and the many others out there. We collect feedback from the community and bring it back to the developers so that you get the complete picture of what’s going on in your community and how to improve communication with your players and fans.


What Kind of Clients And Budgets Are You Working With?

We are looking for fun, cool projects that deliver something new to the table. Email us at to find out more about pricing and what we can do for you! We understand that many indies and small companies don't have a huge budget. To read more about our clients, please select the clients page


What Is Community Management?

A community manager is like a bridge between the players and the developers. A community manager is both a player advocate and part of the developer team.

A skilled community manager:

  • Monitors, analyzes and engages with the player's discussions about the game. 
  • Is someone who makes sure the players feel the developers are actually listening to their hopes, concerns and feedback.
  • Makes sure info from the the team reaches the players in time for important updates and changes.
  • Arranges events, competitions, tournaments, FAQs, Meet The Devs and more. 


Why is Community Management Important?

A community of some sorts will almost always form around a game in one way or another. The question is, are you there to shape it into a positive force?

  • Taking care of your players is especially important if your game is free to play or offers in-app purchases, since we all know that the longer the players stay with you and your game, the more likely they are to invest a couple of bucks in it. Without proper community management studios throw away an important chance to invest in their player's retention. Better retention almost always translates into better monetisaztion. Why risk it?
  • Players today expect to be able to communicate with the people who develop the games they love. Not responding, in time, to players reaching out to you on social media could make the studio come across like they don't care about their players.
  • Sometimes things go wrong and players get upset. Perhaps a server goes offline or a change to the game makes the players really frustrated. A community manager is actively out there explaining the situation to the players so that you can focus on finding a solution and solve the problem.
  • The majority of the successful game developers out there are not only really good at making games, they have also embraced community management as an important part of their company's foundation. They appear approachable and friendly to their players and audiences. This makes people stick around their games and add value to the company brand.


How Does Casen Crowd Work?

Simply put this is our process:

1. Analyze. We analyze your game(s) and how you're communicating right now. What channels are you using today, and why?  What are your needs and expectations?

2. Plan. We summarize and plan how we are going to help you. This can be both a bigger picture plan but also a monthly plan for your day to day community management. 

3. Execute. The actual community management that your players and fans get to experience. This is tweeting, updating your Facebook, responding to comments on your channel, suggesting blog post topics, posting content etc. Needless to say we use your game's/company's Twitter/Facebook for this, we work as part of your team. 

4. Evaluate. Casen Crowd uses powerful third party tracking tools to monitor how the content produced and posted is performing. We deliver detailed reports on how things are going. We point out key happenings, trends and give you a summary of the state of your community, along with suggestions for how to improve your PR.

An equally important part of community management is active listening. This is the "silent" part of our job.  For many developers it's a very valuable aspect of their contract with Casen Crowd to know we are monitoring the community, ready to take action if needed. 


What's NOT Community Management?

Community management takes care of the people who found out about your game, it's not actively bringing your game to new players the way that a marketing campaign should be doing.

Community management is not a clearly defined area set in stone. It's usually close to, but separated from, marketing. Community management is also closely related to PR. A lot of the times your public relations on social media and your home page will be run by a community manager. 


Can You Help Our Game Get Really Big Really Fast?

The short answer is: (unfortunately) No.

Casen Crowd can't magically give you 100 000 new installs overnight, or design and run a huge marketing campaign for your game or studio. We can't force big game sites to review your game if they have other things to do. We leave that to other wizards.

However, Community management is a great place to start when it comes to providing the best chances for your game to grow, but community management alone can't replace smart viral marketing, persistent self-promotion or big budget advertising. Casen Crowd is happy to help you learn all the tips and tricks we know to maximize your chances of getting recognized by your players and the gaming press.

We know that a lot of small studios fight very hard for exposure. It's important to know that if there was some kind of low-budget magical bullet that could make your game automatically become "Editor's Choice" in the App Store, or give you 1 million new installs in one month, then everyone would be using it. It's worth noticing that all major game companies spend huge budgets on marketing their games.


Who's Behind Casen Crowd?

Casen Crowd was founded in 2014 by Sara Casén. Sara has been in the games industry since 2009. Before founding Casen Crowd she worked as a community manager for various different games, as an associate producer, player data analyzer and game designer at studios like Paradox North, Junebud and Tarsier Studios.